Data Cabling

Data cabling systems for a range of modern networks.

We install data cabling systems that facilitate the links for communications to take place on networks designed for a full range of services that modern networks can support.

The importance of a correctly specified and installed cabling system should not be underestimated which is why, we have always employed our own Network Services engineers to ensure that traditional interdependencies, between network switching, servers, routers and wireless equipment, can now co-exist with CCTV, Multimedia signage, HVAC building controls and security systems.

In the early days of cabling, a system existed for every application type, over the years standards have emerged which have brought together the proprietary systems into the “open systems” Cat 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 type compliant cabling systems that we all know today.

This coming together has allowed modern networks to have many systems co-exist on a single network infrastructure; allowing customers to more easily manage and consolidate systems and on-going costs.

Owing to the complexity of these systems and the environments in which they are deployed, it is vital that cabling networks are designed with these diverse requirements in mind.